Targeted Case Management


520 N. Delaware Avenue
Suite 4A
Philadelphia, PA 19123

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Targeted Case Management is a non-clinical program that provides the coordination of a variety of community services, the monitoring of services, and advocating for individuals with ongoing mental health and/or substance use or other co-occurring issues. Case Management also can indirectly benefit the families and friends of case management participants. 

The Targeted Case Management Unit (TCMU) provides technical assistance and support to agencies which provide:

The TCM Unit is responsible for referring individuals to behavioral health case management services, providing service reviews annually or at the time an individual transitions from one level of care to another and reviewing discharges.  For those individuals who are under insured or have no insurance, TCMU is the authorizing body.  

 This small unit is responsible for a network which includes 22 provider agencies who serve over 12,000 individuals per year.  They provide case consultation for individuals, as well as technical assistance and training to system providers. 

This unit also contains a Behavioral Health Specialist/Investigator who provides short-term outreach services to adult consumers without case management services who have been identified as having been involuntarily committed 2 or more times in a 12-month period; or who have been seen frequently in Crisis Response Centers, inpatient units, or Mental Health Court; or who have had multiple contacts with the Mental Health Delegate.  This has been expanded to provide outreach to the Winter Cafes as well. 

In addition, the TCMU serves as the County’s link with Personal Care Boarding Homes (PCBH) in Philadelphia.  It maintains a working knowledge of the PCBH’s with respect to size, population and licensing status.  It provides assistance to individuals who maybe searching for a PCBH residence.  It serves as the County liaison in State PCBH closures and relocation of residents.