PMHCC, a not-for-profit organization, began as The Philadelphia Mental Health Care Corporation in 1987 for the City of Philadelphia in order to implement a major grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Program for Chronic Mental Illness.  One of nine national grants, the funding was to assist the Philadelphia Office of Mental Health realize its vision for a unified mental health system which provided affordable housing, effective case management, and a broad range of psychosocial and vocational programs for people with mental illness. The objective included consolidating funding in a managed behavioral healthcare model.

Over the years PMHCC’s activities and responsibilities have broadened so that PMHCC serves as a major human services systems management company in support of several City of Philadelphia departments, while maintaining its core commitment to public behavioral health programs.

Today, PMHCC makes a major contribution by serving as an umbrella organization for special programs and initiatives.  PMHCC provides critical administrative services to Philadelphia city offices and programs that provide behavioral health,  intellectual disability, substance use, housing, public health, human services and community action to citizens in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties.

Philadelphia Department of Human Services

Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services

Community Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Training & Education Network

Community Treatment Teams, Inc.

The Consumer Satisfaction Team, Incorporated

Office of Homeless Services

Philadelphia Department of Public Health

Philadelphia Office of Community Empowerment and Opportunity

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Philadelphia Department of Public Health Request for Proposals

COVID-19 testing is available on a limited basis through providers in Philadelphia. However, existing test sites do not reach all people for whom testing might be beneficial. One of the most important steps to lifting some of the social distancing measures currently in place is increasing access to rapid testing throughout Philadelphia. The City, in partnership with PMHCC, Inc., has released a Request for Proposals (RFP) to provide funding to organizations that are interested in establishing Community Testing Programs. The goal of the Community Testing Program is to make it easier for individuals who have limited access to healthcare to get tested. The City is looking for organizations that can provide consistent and accessible testing in neighborhoods throughout the city.

Apply Now for Funding to Start a Community Testing Program on the Philadelphia Department of Public Health website.

PMHCC & CTT COVID-19 Vaccination Fact Gathering Questionnaire

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