The Continuity of Care Teams (COC) provide critical support to the Department of Behavioral Health. Their efforts are targeted to CBH enrollees who are non-responsive to traditional treatment approaches, who may be heavy users of behavioral health services, and many of whom have medical problems, forensic histories, substance addictions, MRS involvement, DHS involvement, experienced homelessness, and/or suffer with HIV.

Continuity of Care Teams


520 Delaware Avenue
6th Floor
Philadelphia PA 19123

Phone 215.413.2415

Persons referred to COC are often high utilizers of behavioral health services, are often uninsured, and frequently have multiple medical, psychiatric, and legal concerns coupled with addictions, DHS involvement, IDS, homelessness, and other high risk situations requiring a thorough assessment and a high intensity of service.  COC also supports individuals who do not qualify directly for DBHIDS services -- helping to prevent those individuals from falling through the cracks within the behavioral health system.

The COC Team is a multi-disciplinary team comprised of a Director/Nurse, Asst. Director, Behavioral Health Case Managers, and Behavioral Health Technicians.  The team provides an intensive, short-term model approach which has four basic functions: outreach/engagement, assessment/linking, intervention, and advocacy.  The team creatively engages individuals using approaches that are strengths, recovery and resilience-based and that are trauma informed.