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Last NameFirst NameJob titleBusiness UnitWork PhoneExt.Location
AbbottPatriciaCommunity Based NursePhiladelphia Coordinated Health Care(215) 546-03003651123 S. Broad Street-22nd Floor
AckerRodneyInvestigatorDBH IDS Risk Mgmt(215) 685-5989701 Market Street-5th Floor
AdmiralToshiaProgram AnalystCoordinated Consumer Services(215) 546-03004779123 S. Broad Street-23rd Floor
Adu-GyamfiNanaACT Acute Care Community Psychiatric RNPMHCC CTT Inc.(215) 923-80422711520 N. Delaware Ave - 4th Floor CTT
AglidianPhyllisSenior MIS SupportPMHCC CTT Inc.(215) 923-80422014520 N. Delaware Ave - 4th Floor CTT
AgwambaIheariochiACT Acute Care ClinicianPMHCC CTT Inc.(215) 923-80422712520 N. Delaware Ave - 4th Floor CTT
AjibadeMarquitaBE Case Management SpecialistPMHCC CTT Inc.(215) 923-80422301520 N. Delaware Ave - 4th Floor CTT
AkersSierraEnhanced Case ManagerBHSI-123(215) 546-64354764123 S. Broad Street-23rd Floor
AlbadineAnnaFiscal Manager-BHSIBHSI-801(215) 546-12004623801 Market Street-7th Floor-BHSI
AlbinoAmandaQuality Management RepresentativeBHSI-801(215) 546-12004761801 Market Street-7th Floor-BHSI
AlexanderCassandraData and Billing SpecialistBHSI-123(215) 546-64354712123 S. Broad Street-23rd Floor
AlstonTerryIntake Representative/ReceptionistBHSI-801(215) 546-12004718801 Market Street-7th Floor-BHSI
AngelastroMariaPeer Support Program CoordinatorPhiladelphia Coordinated Health Care(215) 546-03003674123 S. Broad Street-22nd Floor
ApplingDorotheaBHID Program AssistantPMHCC CTT Inc.(215) 923-80422085520 N. Delaware Ave - 4th Floor CTT
AyersDavidCriminal Justice Program ManagerBehavioral Health and Justice-Related Services Division(215) 546-03003322123 S. Broad Street-22nd Floor
AzarewiczDeborahAdvanced Application Programmer AnalystPMHCC Administration(215) 546-03003643123 S. Broad Street-23rd Floor
BahadurParvezEHR Integration ManagerDPH(267) 234-43111900 N. 20th Street (Health Center #5)
BairdRobbynTCM Program Analyst IICoordinated Consumer Services(215) 599-21503223520 N. Delaware Ave - 4th Floor TCM
BallowAyannaOperations SpecialistBHSI-801(215) 546-12004628801 Market Street-7th Floor-BHSI
BanksSylviahTransformation Initiatives Asst.DBH Strategic Planning(215) 685-49891101 Market Street-7th Floor

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