PMHCC Programs

Philadelphia Community Treatment Teams Incorporated (CTT)

CTT’s mission is to provide comprehensive case management services to people with severe mental illness. Originally created in 1989 for the purpose of serving patients discharged from Philadelphia State Hospital as a result of its closure, it has since broadened its mandate to include patients discharged from Norristown State Hospital (NSH), persons with forensic histories, those with co-occurring (mental health and substance abuse) disorders and individuals referred through the County Mental Health Court.

Currently, CTT can serve 850 extremely vulnerable and at risk individuals, including: over 350 on our Assertive Community Treatment Teams, (ACT) and about 500 on our Blended Enhanced Case Management Teams, (BE).

CTT operates under two case management team models, with three Assertive Community Treatment teams, (ACT) and four Blended Enhanced Case Management teams, (BE). In the ACT model, all case management, health care coordination, Mental Health and Substance Abuse treatment is provided by the team. Thus each ACT team includes: a Mental Health Professional as the Team Leader, three RNs, three Master level clinicians, one Certified Additions Counselor, one Certified Peer Specialist, two BA level Case Mangers, one CM technician and a full time Psychiatrist. In the Blended Enhanced team model, all case management and psychiatric medication monitoring, as needed, during transitions is provided by the team. Thus each BE team include: a Mental Health professional as the Team Leader, seven BA/BS level case managers, one Certified Peer Specialist and a part time RN and part time Psychiatrist. In addition, there are support and administrative staff provided to each team. Each client is assigned to a team based upon their needs, with certain teams specializing in providing services to individuals with mental health and co-occurring needs such as drugs & alcohol, developmental disabilities, forensic histories, and the elderly. One Act and one BE team works closely with clients referred from the First Judicial District’s Mental Health Court to reduce MH clients in and returning to the County jail.

Each team provides 24-hour/7 day coverage and does whatever is necessary to enable the client to survive in the community. CTT embraces a holistic approach to service, ensuring that each client has appropriate behavioral, medical and dental health care, vocational opportunities, financial resources, a home, social and recreational activities. All CTT work is based on a philosophy of client choice and individual strengths and it often involves creative approaches to service as well as close linkages with other organizations. Practically all work is performed in the community and “out of the office”, wherever the client needs assistance.

CTT works very closely with the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services, which is its client referral source. PMHCC provides all administrative support services through a formal agreement.