PMHCC Programs

Family Training and Advocacy Center for Mental Illness

FTAC is staffed by individuals with intensive experience in advocating and teaching.

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Often utilizing personal experiences, they provide support to families and family groups, education to criminal justice professionals, enhanced educational experiences to professionals such as psychiatrists, social workers, and others; and promotes recovery oriented systemic change.


Examples of this include:

  1. Staff support and leadership to the Family Resource Network, which includes all of those organizations that provide education and support services to family members in Philadelphia.

  2. Coordinates and supports family groups in several counties, with special efforts in Schuylkill, Lawrence, and Lancaster Counties.

  3. Administrates the Pennsylvania Psychiatric Leadership Council, a statewide organization that promotes excellence in public service psychiatry, which includes establishing Centers of Excellence at several medical schools.

  4. Supports Philadelphia Connections, which is a collaboration among the Philadelphia Behavioral Health System, service providers, and the graduate schools of social work, along with the psychiatric training program that serve Philadelphia enhancing the education of doctors and social workers.

  5. Offers training sessions to hundreds of police, corrections, and probation and parole officers each year, and co-developed the Philadelphia Police Department’s Crisis Intervention Team program.

  6. Supports county government in addressing forensic issues by facilitating forensic work groups and consultation on new program development and specific forensic issues.

  7. Trains mental health professions, including case managers, residential workers, and managed care professionals, on a variety of topics, including recovery and treatment issues from a family perspective.

  8. In Lawrence County, operates the drop-in center, consumer satisfaction team, repayee program, and provides support for a number of family groups.

  9. Provides county policies makers and families with updates on legislation that affects the behavioral health system and is a member of many of the OMHSAS and OMPAP committees that affect service delivery of behavioral health services.

  10. Provides consultation, assessment, and specialized training for county government and behavioral health entities on emerging issues and system development.

PMHCC supports the FTAC program by providing fiscal, IT and human resource services.