PMHCC Programs

1260 Housing Development Corporation/Columbus Property Management

The 1260 Housing Development Corporation (1260 HDC) was established in 1988 by PMHCC to address the long-standing need of people with behavioral health issues for permanent, affordable, and independent housing in the community. Since that time, 1260 HDC has developed apartments and homes, in addition to other housing options, which are available throughout Philadelphia.

This initiative has successfully demonstrated that people with behavioral health issues can live independently, be good neighbors and reliable tenants. 1260 HDC dedicates time and effort to working with neighborhood groups and organizations, as well as with relevant City Departments, officials, and political leaders. Currently, 1260 HDC houses over 2,300 individuals in more than 1,500 units across the City of Philadelphia.

1260 HDC and its subsidiary, Columbus Property Management, purchase and rehabilitate buildings, develop new construction, and lease units. Most of these persons housed by 1260 HDC may have behavioral health issues or other disabilities, and may have been previously homeless. The role of 1260 HDC and Columbus Property Management is that of a developer and landlord; social and clinical services are provided by other agencies. Most referrals to 1260 HDC come from the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health (DBH), which establishes the criteria for access to the housing, maintains the list of persons waiting for housing, and monitors the behavioral health services which may be needed by each resident. The organizational structure of the corporation consists of Construction, Property Management, Asset Management, Legal, and Compliance departments, in addition to the Executive, Administrative, and Accounting departments.

Financial support for 1260 Housing Development Corporation has been provided by grants from City, State, and federal programs as well as from private organizations.

Effective July 1, 2011, PMHCC and 1260 HDC have restructured their relationship. PMHCC has facilitated the separation of administrative responsibilities while continuing to look to 1260 HDC to fulfill the housing objective of its mission. PMHCC continues as the intermediary of funds provided by the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services to support its clients in need of housing supports.