City of Philadelphia Contract Provisions

These Provisions are contained in the PMHCC Contract(s) with the City of Philadelphia.  Where relevant, PMHCC contractors paid with funds provided pursuant to those Contracts must adhere to these same City of Philadelphia Contract Provisions. 


Additional Representations and Covenants of Provider 2021

City of Philadelphia Whistleblower Protections Policy

PMHCC Contractor/Consultant IT Confidentiality Requirements

To the extent a PMHCC Contractor/Consultant receives, sends or stores Confidential Information, including but not limited to Protected Health Information (PHI), the Contractor/Consultant is expected to have in place appropriate privacy and security measures consistent with HIPAA/HITECH requirements and these Recommendations from PMHCC’s I.S. Department.

 PMHCC Contractor/Consultant IT Check List


PMHCC is committed to an environment wherein differences are valued and integrated into every part of the Agency’s operation including the provision of services to those individuals served by PMHCC, the employment decisions by PMHCC management and staff and purchase and contractual decisions aimed at achieving meaningful business opportunities for Minority (MBE), Woman (WBE) and Disabled Business Enterprises (DBE) 

PMHCC Diversity Policy