PMHCC Computer Training

Training offered by PMHCC is available to all PMHCC, CTT, DBHIDS, CBH, DHS, DPH, OSH, CST and BHTEN Employees.

PMHCC-Information Services Training offers four types of instructional sessions:

Application Classes

All applications supported by PMHCC-Information Services.


Classes where focus is on learning specific tasks.

Ex. Excel Workshop: Formulas and Functions.

Open Project Sessions

Computer Training room is open for employees to receive help with projects they are currently working on.

Courses are held on Thursday and Friday

(AM Classes - 9:00am to 12:00pm) OR
(PM Classes - 1:00pm to 4:00pm)


PMHCC Computer Training Room
123 S. Broad St., 23rd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19109-1023
(215) 546-0300

Any questions contact the Training & Support Coordinator at 215-546-0300, ext. 3607

PMHCC Computer Training Course Manual


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