PMHCC Board of Directors

The PMHCC Board of Directors ensures that the corporation accomplishes its purposes:

  1. to support Philadelphia City Government in developing and maintaining comprehensive, effective and consumer responsive service systems,

  2. to develop new program models, and

  3. to provide administrative support services for pilot programs which have specialized objectives.

The Board has also created an affiliate organization, Philadelphia Community Treatment Teams (CTT).

The Board is composed of between 5 and 15 Directors who are consumers, family members, advocates, professionals, and other persons who have an interest in people in need of behavioral and other human service supports.

To facilitate collaboration with the affiliated, independent corporation, Philadelphia Community Treatment Teams, the chairpersons of their boards serve as ex officio members of the PMHCC Board of Directors.

Pearl B. Schaeffer - Board President 

Ayana Bradshaw - Board Secretary

Valerie Byrd - Treasurer

Bernard Borislow, Ph.D.

James P. Baker, Jr.

Richard J. Gold

Kathy L. Sykes

M. Robin Maddox, Esquire - Ex-Officio* - CEO, PMHCC

Josephine Barilotti - Ex-Officio - Chair - CTT, Inc.


Legal Counsel - Sarah R. Lavelle, Esquire.


*Can only vote in an event of a tie